Mountain Stream Intakes

Stonbury have recently completed modifications and improvements to 2 stream catchment intakes in the Welsh Mountains, to ensure maximum collection of water feeding the water treatment works.

Previously operations staff were regularly called to unblock the existing catchment chambers, from build ups of gravel and stone washed down from the stream beds.

As both sites were in very isolated and remote locations, and as there was no vehicle access, all plant and materials used in the modification works had to be manhandled quite long distances over very rough terrain.

At the first site, displaced rocks and boulders were removed from the stream bed and used to reform the catchment embankments. Timber shutters were then installed within the stream to allow the casting of a new concrete wall, to assist in directing water to the existing catchment chamber.

New GRP open checker plate grills were installed between the new wall and existing concrete chamber wall, to prevent rocks and stone blocking the inlet pipe and chamber.

At the second intake part of the existing concrete catchment weir wall was demolished to allow the installation of a new Aquasheer Coander stainless steel collection screen, and new concrete collection chamber.

This in conjunction with new collection pipework has ensured that the catchment will now deliver constant flow to the works, without the previous problems of blockages by river gravel and stones.