// Maintenance Works

After the successful acquisition Kingcombe Aquacare, specialists to the water maintenance & management industry we can now offer a number of new services.

A man made channel had become overgrown over many years and as a consequence the silt had begun to build up in the reduced flow. This in turn allowed more vegetation to grow within the channel and trap further silt creating a silt berm/island.

As a solution, inital works included clearing the wing walls to the inlet channel that supplies the surface water pumping station. This allowed the operatives to know exactly where the edge of the stone work was and avoid slips trips and falls, the most common risk on all sites.

The team then removed fallen trees and other obstructions that posed a potential to block the channel. All the arisings were chipped and removed from site.

All operatives working on maintenance works such as these are fully qualified within this sector, holding all the relevant certificates including CSCS, confined space, bushcutters/trimmers, First Aid at Work, Swiftwater and Flood First Responder and have various updated training on invasive weed control.

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