Lagoon Refurbishment

A final settlement lagoon required repair and refurbishment work due to wildlife damage and bank slippage, which had caused the lagoon to leak. A ‘Land Drainage’ consent from the local council was required before the works to the channel could go ahead.

The scope included relining one of the final settlement lagoons and the installation of a new gabion wall to support the bank and existing lagoons above, and to avoid any further erosion and bank slippage.

Once the existing liner had been removed, it was clear that the existing vertical gabion walls had started to fail due to immersion and consequent corrosion. The gabions were repaired, and the faces of the gabions were lined with recycled plastic boards before installing the new EPDM liner.

An under-liner drainage system was also established, and a new chain link fence and access path was installed for safe access to operatives in the future.

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