Emergency Response

As a dedicated framework partner, Stonbury is available to provide emergency assistance in in high priority flood incidents.

Stonbury is an incumbent Environment Agency (EA) Framework Contractor for a Flood & Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) Operational Framework, covering landscape and vegetation management. Dedicated staff work on a programmed, seasonal sequence of activities including embankment and channel maintenance, vegetation works and asset inspections across river systems in the Midlands.

In addition to scheduled works, Stonbury’s Swiftwater Rescue-trained in-house teams are available to support the EA where high priority works arise. Stonbury undertakes the annual Winter Readiness programme which involves contingency planning and specific asset operational instruction so that the team is fully prepared to support the EA during flood incidents.

Emergency flood response typically involves:

  • Weekend and out-of-hours response
  • Erection of flood defence barriers
  • Over-pumping provision and maintenance of pumps
  • Channel blockage removal
  • Site risk assessment
  • Site manning and reporting
  • All-party welfare units provision
  • Dry suits, flotation devices and other equipment provision
  • Erection of pollution barriers to contain oil and fuel spills
  • T98 Asset Inspections
  • Asset operations, e.g. sluice gates
  • Confined spaces team deployment
  • Additional embedded support and out of area support

Stonbury is always pleased to maintain a high level of responsiveness to assist the EA whenever flood incidents occur. Rapid and effective action protects lives and properties and helps to enhance public trust in the EA.

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