Stonbury was contracted by the Environment Agency to refurbish the boardwalk alongside a river which flows through a public park in the midlands during a four-week programme.

The existing boardwalk, installed in 2012, was made from recycled plastic profiles, designed for longevity and resistance to the water. However, the bank spacers were made from treated timber which had become rotten and required replacing. Due to the degradation of the spacers, some profiles were also missing which was presenting a major Public Safety Risk Assessment (PRSA).

Early contractor involvement enabled Stonbury to carry out a two-day survey prior to pricing to inspect the structure of the boards and identify a suitable methodology. Stonbury then provided a highly informed quote, which significantly reduced the commercial risk for both client and contractor.

Due to elevated water levels at the beginning of the programme, the team began working on the horizontal boards above the water level, replacing spacers on the top side and prioritising areas that presented the greatest risk to the public. Once the water level had dropped enough to expose the sides, the team continued to replace the horizontal and vertical spacers in sections. In total, 700m was replaced over the four-week period.

An environmental officer visited to check silted areas for nesting birds before the team could continue, and a permit to work system was used to ensure staff checked each area prior to works commencing and recorded this twice daily. To reduce carbon emissions during this programme, recycled plastic profiles were installed using battery operated equipment where possible.

The asset was returned to the council and positive feedback was received.

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