Safeguarding UK potable water

As the UK leader in the application of Regulation 31 products, Stonbury is the first choice to deliver safe and sustainable potable water infrastructure.

Reliable assets are essential if the water industry is to supply clean, safe drinking water to consumers. As experts in Regulation 31 – a single code of practice for products that come into contact with water intended for human consumption – Stonbury is a trusted partner to UK water companies, demonstrating unrivalled commitment to driving best practice and ensuring precise application and delivery across all its programmes.

A legacy

Recognised for its market-leading potable water asset services, this year, Stonbury celebrates 40 years of delivering specialist asset build, maintenance and refurbishment solutions for the water industry. With 26 current frameworks across the UK and numerous other contracts, the company offers expert knowledge and practical experience gained from four decades of delivering safe, reliable and sustainable outcomes.

Over the years, Stonbury has built an extensive clean water portfolio. Along with expert maintenance and new build offerings for a range of clean water infrastructure, it is best known for sustainable refurbishment programmes which extend the lifespans of a wide range of assets such as service reservoirs, water towers and contact tanks. Within its major and minor civils works, Stonbury offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ service, incorporating fabrication and MEICA as part of its construction packages.

An assurance of safety

As the UK’s largest installer of Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Regulation 31-approved products, Stonbury is trusted by water companies to deliver right-first-time solutions using pioneering methods forged from a long history of strong professional relationships. Working with prominent water industry consultants, manufacturers and research platforms such as UK Water Industry Research has allowed Stonbury to continuously pioneer new innovations and best practices.

Commended by the DWI for setting the water industry benchmark, Stonbury’s reputation is built on stringent adherence to accredited quality standards and consistent in-house processes. Staff are kept up-to-date on all requirements through training initiatives delivered in a manner accessible to all team members and regular on-site support from a dedicated quality assurance team that safeguards the standard of workmanship throughout the company.

Rigorous testing, monitoring and recording protocols provide final assurance on the quality and longevity of every asset solution. Stonbury’s internal Quality Inspection & Testing Plan System (QITPS) confirms strict compliance with manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (IFUs) for all materials used, using the highest quality in-house monitoring and data logging equipment. Requiring sign-off from the client at each stage of a project, QITIPs ensure maximum safety for the public and peace of mind for clients.

A sustainable future

Upholding its legacy, Stonbury continues to operate at the forefront of the industry to provide clients with safe potable water infrastructure whilst employing more sustainable methods as the sector heads toward Net Zero. Participating in various forums as contractor specialists to share knowledge, such as a recent Drinking Water Products Industry Workshop, Stonbury is helping to overcome market challenges to defend the future of safe drinking water during a changing physical and economic climate.

To meet its sustainability goals, Stonbury is committed to driving greener practices along the supply chain. Currently working with one key manufacturer testing Regulation 31 materials at lower curing temperatures to reduce power consumption, the company hopes to cut client costs and decrease project carbon footprints. If trials are successful, the new manufacturer’s protocols could help make Regulation 31 more sustainable for all water companies and their suppliers.

Stonbury is dedicated to maintaining rigorous quality standards, and delivering projects in a manner that is safe, timely and protects future generations. Defending its top spot as a national leader in sustainable potable water services, Stonbury is a contractor that will never compromise on water quality, safety, or the environment.

“We are proud to have been serving the water industry for 40 years, continually adapting to remain at the forefront of new safety regulations and providing sustainable services that support a healthier future for all.”

Michael Campling, Contracts Director