Building a better world

As a specialist contractor to the water and water environment industry, Stonbury offers clients sustainable civil engineering solutions to future-proof UK infrastructure.

As pressure on the water industry continues to intensify, Stonbury assists clients to deliver sustainable build programmes that protect water asset networks and minimise environmental impact. In addition to its industry-renowned expertise in maintenance and refurbishment, the specialist contractor delivers diverse civil engineering build projects across the potable water, wastewater, environment and energy sectors.


Stonbury has been delivering secure, high-value engineering solutions for the potable water industry for almost forty years. As a reputed provider of refurbishment, maintenance and build programmes, the company now offers low-carbon alternatives to building new whilst recognising the need to replace, expand and improve current infrastructure. Guided by the Carbon Reduction Curve, Stonbury endeavours to ‘build efficiently’ to provide engineering solutions that are both environmentally and financially sustainable.

Operating within the clean and raw water environment, potable minor civils build programmes include upgrading works to existing treatment assets such as service reservoir infrastructure and coatings, baffle walls, chambers, access provisions, and drainage. In addition to minor civils, the construction of a new eight-megalitre above-ground reservoir in the east of England was recently completed.

Employing its extensive understanding of client needs, Stonbury designs and delivers purpose-made engineering solutions for water industry clients, ranging from small-scale problem-solving innovations such as specially-designed fill point injection hatches – to eliminate the risk of water contamination during tankering operations – to larger-scale installations such as contact tank dispersal systems and reservoir dividing walls. 


As the UK wastewater industry expands its capacity to meet demand, Stonbury is enlisted on a multi-site programme to increase the resilience of the wastewater network by maintaining and refurbishing existing assets and providing build capabilities where new assets are required. Applying a holistic approach to the problem of storm overflows, Stonbury works with water companies, the Environment Agency and Rivers Trusts to deliver improvements within the entire catchment.

Currently delivering several complete new build storm tanks and tank extensions within a scheme in the north of England, the business is assisting clients to expand their wastewater processing capacity with considerable savings on budgets; offering a multi-option approach that is tailored specifically to volume requirements. Stonbury is also assisting wastewater clients throughout the UK with minor civils installations such as V-notches and elements of MEICA.

Experience in both civil and environmental engineering enables the company to offer both new build wastewater infrastructure and alternative nature-based green engineering. In addition to helping clients expand their traditional wastewater storage and treatment capacity, Stonbury constructs artificial wetlands and reed beds on wastewater sites for clients who wish to increase the sustainability of their wastewater processing and achieve biodiversity net gain.


Stonbury designs and delivers made-to-measure infrastructure solutions for use within the water environment as well as a variety of civil engineering projects that improve the natural world and promote biodiversity. Projects include but are not limited to; trash screens, fish counter housing and access, fish and eel passes of various types; pump installations to provide aeration to ponds; and river restoration and reprofiling. 

In addition, the company supplies and installs the mechanical components within many of its schemes. Recent examples include the installation of radar arms at gauging stations and replacement head walls with water flow control equipment including non-return valves, penstocks, and isolation stoplogs. 

After recently completing the infrastructure for a series of pioneering biomethane-capturing lagoons, Stonbury looks forward to utilising its civil engineering capabilities from almost four decades in the water sector to assist even more clients to build a better world.