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Due to the continuing progression of the Company, Stonbury has re-organised into four regionally dedicated teams We are extremely excited by this initiative and believe that this will allow us to increase our client service level. Our customers now have dedicated points of contact to personally discuss all their business needs. The make up of the teams and their respective client bases are as follows: BLUE TEAM – Team Leader Richard Harrison – Clients: Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Welsh Water YELLOW TEAM – Team Leader Bob McKinnie – Clients: Northumbrian Water, Scottish Region GREEN TEAM – Team Leader Mark Coope – Clients: Severn Trent, South Staffordshire Water ORANGE TEAM – Team Leader Stuart Brooks – Clients: Anglian Water, Thames Water, Essex and Suffolk Water, Affinity Water Stonbury Directors responsible for the operation of the teams are Jon Featherstone who will oversee Blue and Yellow and Jon Perryman who will look after Green and Orange. The Teams  Whilst the teams have primarily been set up to facilitate our existing frameworks, they have also been tasked with a Client Development role, identifying new and alternative opportunities within our clients' geographical areas. Any non-framework client, personnel or other framework contractor who requires advice on any scheme that we can assist with, can now contact the appropriate regional Director or Team Leader directly.  To make our management and site operatives feel proud to work within their teams, we have held a number of team event days, undertaking a diverse range of activities from ‘Go Ape’ through the forests, track days and even archery, clay pigeon shooting and axe throwing! We hope that the spirit created through these events will have a positive influence on how we conduct ourselves in the full range of disciplines involved in the delivery of our projects. It is important to stress, that all our teams are still expected to carry out their work to the same high standards in terms of safety, quality and ethics as mentioned by Stonbury’s Company Management System. In anticipation that all clients will notice a difference in the way we are conducting our business, we would appreciate any feedback, positive or otherwise, through our Client Portal.