Water Sample Tap Cabinets

Stonbury’s civil engineering division completed the installation and refurbishment of regulatory sample taps as a part of a minor civils package for an existing reservoir refurbishment framework.

The works were required to extend the life of the existing sampling arrangements and reduce the risk of bacteriological failures in the future. The project included a total of 70 sampling points and was the initial stage of a greater refurbishment scheme planned across a large supply area.

Site surveys were completed to test the operational pressure of the sample taps and identify the level of adjustment required. Throughout the scheme, the framework sampling team worked closely with Stonbury’s delivery team to ensure that the correct samples were taken during the works.

The scope of works included:

  • Removing the existing sample points
  • Setting the levels and marking out the chambers and drainage to the site specification
  • Installation of new drainage and sample lines where necessary
  • Shuttering, reinforcement and ground stabilisation to form new foundation bases
  • Casting of new concrete structures
  • Installation of new sample kiosk
  • Adjustments to existing pipework

Works were completed across over 50 different locations; this made the works more challenging as each site varied in terms of layouts and requirements. The team assessed each site individually and completed prestart sketches and completed drawings.

One of the sites also required a new internal pump, due to the existing sample pump not working effectively. As the client was unable to take the tank out of service, the team were required to carry out the replacement under live conditions. Working closely with the client, a safe system of work was put into place, and regular water samples were taken during the task.

The Water Sample Tap Upgrade Scheme was completed successfully, and the team received extremely positive feedback from the client.

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