// Steel Bridge Fabrication

We are delighted to announce the increase in our service offerings to all of our clients across the UK after the successful acquisition of Kingcombe Aquacare LTD, specialists within all aspects of water maintenance & management.

Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd were commissioned by the Environment Agency, to design, fabricate and install a new steel footbridge over the river at Iwood Gauging Station.

The new bridge was to replace a dilapidated walkway consisting of sheet piles laid flat and filled with concrete supported by beams and stringers, with a rudimentary handrail. The client wished to replace the crossing with a robust structure that met current design codes.

The bridge needed to be more pleasant to use, particularly in slippery conditions. Kingcombe Aquacare in association with their retained Structural Engineers came up with a workable design that took in to account flood levels , making the new bridge higher with heavier main beams to withstand the impact of large floating debris during flood conditions.

The bridge was fabricated in our workshops, galvanised to the required standard and then painted with a specialist two pack epoxy paint. While the galvanising alone would provide adequate protection, the client wished to soften the stark appearance of a newly galvanised structure in a rural environment.

The assembled bridge was transported by low loader to site where it was installed by Kingcombe Aquacare Staff using specialist lifting equipment. Prior to installation, the abutments had been modified to accept the heavier bridge and to enable the beams to sit higher above the river. For extra safety a robust kick board was incorporated along with GRP Chemglass high grip open mesh flooring.

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