Service Reservoir Floor Refurbishment

A framework client contracted Stonbury to carry out refurbishment works to a service reservoir floor where soft concrete issues had been identified. The floor surface had been deemed unsafe to walk on due to multiple slips, trips and falls inside the tank.

Following an inspection, the delivery team used high-pressure water jetting to remove all the laitance from the surface and form a sufficient key for the coating application. Pull-off tests were then carried out in various areas of the tank to prove adhesion to the concrete surface.

A waterproof render was applied to the floor and left to cure. Following the cure period, pull-off tests were re-used to determine successful adhesion. During this stage, heating and dehumidification units were installed to reduce the moisture levels and ensure the temperature inside the tank was in line with the manufacturers’ information for use’ documents prior to the second coating application.

Once the temperature within the tank had risen, and the moisture levels had dropped, the first coat of a regulation 31 approved, elastic polyurethane membrane was installed. Three coats of the waterproof membrane were applied and a rough brush finish was achieved to form a non-slip floor covering for safe access into the tank for future maintenance and cleaning.

On completion of the application works and curing stage, pull-off tests were completed for the final time. A slip test was also carried out to ensure safe access into the tank. Following a final inspection with the client, the asset was signed off and handed back ready to be cleaned, chlorinated and returned to service.

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