// Sample Tap Cabinet Upgrades

Yorkshire Water in a pro-active approach to reduce bacti-failures recently embarked on a programme of works to replace in excess of 50 sampling cabinets on some of their rural service reservoir sites.

Stonbury, specialist contractors to the water industry and Yorkshire Waters Framework contractor for service reservoir and water tower refurbishment, were employed to carry out the works over a 12 month period.

Brand new sampling kiosks were delivered in batches to their civil engineering yard, near Beverley, to ensure continuity of supply and to guarantee that installation dates that had been agreed with Yorkshire Water and their Sampling teams could be achieved.

Old sampling kiosks were removed and new concrete bases were constructed around the existing pipework, to allow a firm foundation for the new units to be bolted on to.

After installation of the new cabinets, connections were made between existing and new pipework, to include an isolation tap within each cabinet, and lagging was applied to all pipework to a depth of 450mm below ground.

All sampling sinks were connected to external drain points cast within the concrete bases to ensure the kiosks remained dry during flushing and sampling.