*** Covid-19 Update ***

Stonbury are immensely proud to be supporting our clients across the UK at such a crucial time and have been designated as 'key workers' by DEFRA and the UK water utility companies. Our teams are working tirelessly to help secure and maintain drinking water supplies, ensuring clean and safe drinking water is provided without interruption to critical services such as our hospitals as well as the general public. Now more than ever, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is of the utmost importance and we have adapted our safe working practices to ensure social distancing precautions are in place and that the correct hygiene practices are being followed. Safety is our priority, and we endeavour to make sure everyone at Stonbury goes home safe to their family.

// Reservoir Dividing Wall Construction

Stonbury were commissioned to undertake internal and external refurbishment works to a service reservoir for one of our framework clients.

External works consisted of the following:

  • Removal of existing roof overburden & membrane
  • Installation of a new waterproof membrane system
  • Installing a new drainage system from the reservoir roof and constructing x2 new soakaways
  • Construct x2 new access hatches, fitted with new ducting & high security access covers
  • Install telemetry ducts to existing upstands
  • Cast new access steps with handrail
  • Construct access manhole over the outlet &¬†repair outlet pipe
  • Install new spindles to the washout valves & new¬†open mesh decking to the washout chamber

Internally works consisted of the following:

  • Concrete repairs to the soffit
  • Construct division wall to the full height of the reservoir
  • Remove existing staircase and seal the access
  • Modify, grit blast and repaint overflow pipework

Works began with the removal of the existing roof overburden and membrane system plus excavation of perimeter trench to allow application of new Premseal waterproof membrane to the roof and perimeter upstand wall with an Aqualine band to seal the roof/wall joint.

The new drainage system was then installed from the reservoir roof with 2 new soakaways. Also 2 new concrete access hatches with high security access covers were constructed, each one leading into each compartment of the reservoir. The roof will then covered with deckdrain and the overburden reinstated. New steps to the reservoir roof were re-constructed with a new handrail installed.

Internally we completed concrete repairs to the soffit where the existing concrete has spalled away from the steel reinforcement. The soffit panels were then skimmed with Sika 107. The existing division wall was extended to the full height of the reservoir by removing the existing concrete coping and casting a new 400mm thick concrete wall. Due to the construct of the full height division wall the existing staircase access is to be removed and the access sealed as part of the works.