M&E & Pipework Inlet Alterations

After Stonbury had completed the internal and external refurbishment of this service reservoir, our client asked us to carry out adaptions and improvements to the inlet pipework.

This involved installing a new flow meter and an electric actuated position control valve (CPC Valve) to enable the client to have better control over levels within the reservoir.

Works scope includes:

  • Excavation of embankment to allow the new pipework to be installed
  • Installation of a double T and valve arrangement onto the existing water main
  • Installation of new pipework out of the existing chamber to the location of a new flow meter and CPC control valve
  • Construction of new flow meter chamber
  • Ducting to the existing buildings
  • Backfilling of the excavations and the existing chamber around the new valves
  • Electrical connections to the new pipework equipment and control panel