Live Working

To increase our project productivity and client satisfaction levels, we are constantly in search of innovative methods that will allow our works to be carried out to the same high levels of safety and efficiency, without compromising quality.

The methodology of ‘live working’ has progressively increased in popularity, due to the efficiencies gained. Traditionally, assets are removed from service for works to commence, live working benefits as works as completed without taking the asset out of service.

Benefits of Live Working

  • Removes the need to drain down tanks and reservoirs in most scenarios reducing strain on the network and allowing continuity of supply.
  • Enables extended working periods during the year, especially during the summer months where demand is high and the likelihood of removing the asset from service is low. This also allows Stonbury to maintain a highly skilled and experienced workforce by spreading the workload more evenly throughout the year.
  • Live working can have financial benefits such as removing the need for draining, cleaning and recommissioning assets. This creates cost savings where operations are concerned and will also help prevent water wastage as the water does not have to be sent to waste.
  • Where tanks have already been taken out of service, live working offers a faster return to service as the roof can be made water tight early on in the project and a flood test can be done to prove the work before returning the tank into service. The remaining works can then be completed over live such as the reinstatement of the overburden or even the installation of the membrane itself!
  • Removes the need for extensive isolation and valving operations within the network such as bypass systems which may possibly cause disruption to the network and take up valuable labour resources.

Stonbury have developed a number of robust solutions for working on live assets and many water clients have already realised the benefits and best value from working over live. We have recently completed various projects through the methods of live working, below are some of the projects we have recently completed:

  • Inspection, clean and chlorination
  • Upstand repairs and sealing
  • Installation of new waterproof membranes
  • Replacement of existing waterproof membranes
  • Creation of new access points
  • Joint and crack sealing
  • Creation of bypasses