Lake Restoration

Stonbury were approached by a private client to restore a neglected lake and its surrounding area. The lake had accumulated a considerable amount of silt build up and the grounds had become highly vegetated, offering no vehicular access and was prone to flooding.

Initially, the lake’s outlet structure was removed and a channel was built to enable a slow release of water, away from the working area, this allowed an investigation into the presence of fish and wildlife.

Following a site visit with our in house structural engineer, designs were developed and approved for stone-faced gabion basket retaining wall and timber post revetment. The steel cages were used in the weaker areas and were built in two tiers. Due to the second tier sitting above water level, the stones were hand placed to provide a neat finish. Close-butted timber post were driven in and anchored to provide further stabilisation around the island and on the west bank.

Once stabilising works were complete, the lake was fully excavated, removing the silt build up, which was later disposed elsewhere on site.

A new Purbeck stone clad outlet structure was constructed along with a slipway to provide boat access into the lake. A new path was also constructed around the perimeter and sunken patio area overlooking the estate.

To complete the scope of works, two bespoke oak bridges and two jetties were fabricated in-house and installed, allowing access between the island and surrounding area.

The site was handed back to the client on time despite significant delays from heavy rainfall and the team will return in the spring to install aquatic planting.

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