Environment Programmes

Stonbury delivers a broad range of services within the water environment for trusts, councils and environmental agencies throughout England and Wales.

Each year Stonbury delivers a large variety of water environment programmes that protect citizens, safeguard the environment and enhance biodiversity.

Asset Construction and Maintenance

Stonbury design and deliver an extensive range of minor civil engineering build and maintenance programmes within the riverine environment. Examples include but are not limited to:

Asset Operation and Response

Stonbury supports organisations with asset operations including asset condition inspections, trash screen and flow control asset clearance, flood gate and lock operations and mobile pumping and temporary works. Stonbury also deploys out-of-hours and emergency response teams during floods, droughts, asset failures and other incidents.

Land Management

Stonbury completes a range of arboricultural and agricultural services within the riparian environment that maintain land and river assets. This includes:

  • Grass cutting & vegetation management
  • Tree surveys, felling & planting
  • Channel blockage inspection & clearance
  • Asset blockage inspection & clearance
  • Vermin & pest control
  • Livestock fencing & trough installation

Flood Prevention

Offering both hard and soft engineering capabilities, Stonbury delivers channel modifications that utilise earth, aggregate and geotextile and natural flood prevention schemes such as re-naturalising, wetland establishment and tree-planting, which reduce the volume of rainwater entering settlements.

River Restoration

Restoring rivers to their natural geomorphology results in wide-reaching benefits for water quality, flood protection and biodiversity. Stonbury deliver a variety of schemes from small-scale chalk stream restoration to major civils programmes.

Habitat Creation

Stonbury provides habitat creation and restoration works to help clients comply with Environmental Net Gain (ENG) and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) targets and offset carbon emissions. This includes:

  • River & wetland restoration
  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Riparian corridor creation
  • Protective fencing
  • Pond management
  • Invasive non-native species (INNS) control
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