Debris Clearance

Stonbury was contracted by the Environment Agency to clear debris from a ‘dragon’s teeth’ flow device, that has been designed to break up and dissipate the water flow before a bend in the river and to protect strategic pumping assets. The scope also included strimming along a 300m stretch of the riverbank.

Wearing dry suits and the appropriate PPE, a team of operatives manually cleared debris from around the asset, using a small boat to ferry between the riverbank and the flow device. A rope was also used to provide additional stability in the low-medium flowing water.

The RAMS included the installation of a diagonal downstream safety rope across the river, and an operative was to be stationed on the bank at all times with a throw line.

During the removal works, the team found an uprooted Willow tree that had become wedged between two of the dragon teeth. The tree was broken down into liftable chucks, which allowed the stump of the tree, complete with roots, to be removed.

Once the area had been cleared, the team found a substantial build-up of silt around the device, however, it was decided that this would naturally wash away over time and the team moved onto phase two.

Initially, heavy brush cutters were used to break down the vegetation which stood at waist height along the bank. This made the grass more manageable, so a pedestrian scrub mower could be used to complete the works. The full stretch of riverbank was then raked, and the remaining debris was removed.

Following an inspection, the site was successfully handed back to the client.

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