Access Track Installation

Stonbury was contracted to construct a new trackway to improve access to a pumping station and extend the existing turning area. The works were required as the existing track became unusable during flood events and restricted emergency access to the pumping station.

It was decided that recycled plastic permeable paver units, in conjunction with rootzone - to encourage grass growth - would be used to ensure a sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing installation was achieved.

A secure fenced compound was established prior to the works, and the proposed route was marked out and stripped back to the existing hardcore surface. A non-woven geotextile separation layer was then installed, followed by imported stone to build the existing track back up to a higher level.

A deep rootzone subbase was levelled across the stone, and the paver units were fixed into place for additional stability. The pavers were then filled with a second layer of rootzone and compressed with a compaction roller.

During the initial excavation works, arisings and topsoil was stockpiled for re-use. Once the access track was complete, the arisings were used to create low banks along the new track’s edges, and any remaining material was distributed across the adjacent land.

The new access track provided an environment for grass re-growth whilst maintaining a load-bearing surface for vehicle access, particularly during a flood event. In addition, the plastic paver units were an excellent carbon-saving alternative to concrete slabs and are certified as both neutral and safe for use in the environment.

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