Wastewater solutions for a resilient future

As an established contractor within the wastewater sector, Stonbury is excited to provide environment-conscious methods in maintenance, refurbishment and new build solutions.

Stonbury understands that continuing to deliver responsible wastewater management is as crucial as providing clean drinking water, and is proud to be working hard to tackle contemporary wastewater challenges whilst championing the UK 2050 Water Innovation Strategy to build resilient infrastructure systems that keep society’s vital services operating.

Following the success of previous frameworks, Stonbury have begun work on a number of new wastewater build, refurbishment and maintenance projects across the country and is pleased to deliver a range of raw water, grey water and sewage processing solutions that provide value for both people and the environment.

New Build Assets

Stonbury understands that population growth, significant asset deterioration and evolving industry standards means it is sometimes necessary to expand existing sites or build new wastewater infrastructure. Using the Carbon Curve to inform viability of all proposed projects, Stonbury can confidently tackle all aspects of a design and build whilst reducing carbon emissions at each stage of the construction.

Building ‘Cleverly’ by maximising the use of off-site construction and on-site waste recycling is a priority for Stonbury on new build projects where ‘Building Less’ or ‘Building Nothing’ are not viable options. Stonbury’s experience in environmentally-conscious building techniques offers a portfolio of solutions including foundations and groundwork, tanks, inlet and outlet structures, connecting pipelines and general fabrication.

Stonbury’s new build portfolio offers both ‘green’ and ‘grey’ solutions that address the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) and promotes reed beds as a natural system that provides a low-carbon and low-cost alternative for tertiary treatment of domestic, industrial or agricultural wastewater.

Refurbishment and Maintenance

Stonbury continues to deliver regular maintenance programmes as well as large scale refurbishment schemes in order to satisfy the ‘Build Less’ carbon curve objective and budget constraints from clients. Such schemes promote optimal performance and increased longevity of assets; reducing the need for expensive, carbon-heavy new build interventions.

Stonbury’s previous wastewater refurbishment projects have demonstrated considerable reductions in construction time, financial cost, and an asset’s carbon footprint over its lifetime — in some cases delivering savings of over ninety per cent compared with the cost of a new replacement, whilst significantly increasing both immediate capacity and operational lifespan.

Wastewater structures are required to withstand demanding conditions and therefore ongoing maintenance is essential. With expertise across a range of wastewater asset types and materials, Stonbury provides restoration to eroded and chemically degraded surfaces; repair and realignment of pipework; and specialist application of polyurethane and epoxy waterproof coatings.

In addition to conventional systems, Stonbury's experience in reed bed management ensures that they are also well-placed to design and maintain long-lasting biological systems correctly.  As a Constructed Wetlands Association member, Stonbury provide assured maintenance for continued functionality of natural systems, advocating an annual regime to remove senesced organic material and repair pipework.

A Carbon Neutral Future

The water industry faces critical challenges as the effects of climate change and natural resource decline amplify. Putting the carbon agenda at the forefront of its business operations, Stonbury is committed to delivering solutions to wastewater challenges whilst following Water UK’s Net Zero 2030 Route Map to a carbon-neutral future.

With an urgent need to decarbonise the process and delivery of long-lasting and resilient wastewater solutions, collaboration and knowledge-sharing between water companies, supply chains, regulators and other innovators is imperative, and will play a key role in Stonbury’s inaugural Carbon Conference for the Water Sector.

"Following the success of our annual Water Industry Asset and Quality conference, we are excited to host a flagship event to promote carbon thinking across clients, consultants, contractors and supply chain, and build upon our established reputation for extending asset life as we deliver low carbon solutions through AMP7 and beyond".

Iain Weir, Sales and Marketing Director

Stonbury is looking forward to working with clients, suppliers and contractors alike to provide wastewater solutions that halt carbon output, protect and enhance natural systems, and enable the water industry to not only stand up to, but become part of the solution to the climate crisis.