Stonbury partners with Yorkshire Water

Stonbury is thrilled to collaborate with Yorkshire Water in the Partnership for Yorkshire as trusted water industry and water environment specialists.

The partnership is designed to bring together the water company and its suppliers as one team to deliver collaborative infrastructure projects which result in the highest quality and highest value outcomes for the end consumer.

Rather than providing services as a series of individual transactions, the partnership allows Stonbury and other participating organisations to share expertise and capability across multiple projects from the early stages to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery.

This integrated method is particularly important as the water industry faces the environmental challenges of climate change and resource scarcity, as it reduces waste and allows Yorkshire Water and its suppliers to achieve more sustainable outcomes for people and the environment.

Dual-branded vehicles and clothing makes Stonbury visible as a proud partner in the collaboration

The alliance is underpinned by Stonbury’s long-standing working relationship with Yorkshire Water, which has developed over the past two decades, throughout multiple frameworks involving the delivery of single-sourced schemes on service reservoirs, water treatment works and wastewater sites.

“We are delighted to be building on what has already been a long and successful relationship and seeing the benefits of the partnership for not only ourselves and our client, but also the wider community and the environment."

Richard Harrison, Regional Delivery Manager

For Stonbury, this is an exciting journey with Yorkshire water and the other suppliers within the partnership, which will see the organisations working as one united team to achieve goals that enable Yorkshire Water to align outcomes with Ofwat objectives and improve services.

Stonbury already enjoy good working relationships with the other contractors and look forward to building upon these, whilst sharing its expertise and expanding its experience within the potable water and wastewater sectors.

“We are pleased to have Stonbury on one of our core capital delivery frameworks, their knowledge and expertise within the water sector has very much been welcomed within ‘Partnership for Yorkshire’ and I look forward seeing our relationship develop further.”

Brigitte Sorby, Capital Delivery Framework Manager at Yorkshire Water

The partnership follows Stonbury’s long-standing partnership agreements with Northumbrian Water and Essex and Suffolk Water, which has seen a similar collaboration for the past few years.

Stonbury looks forward to continuing this collaboration with Yorkshire Water, and others within differing catchments and regions, to deliver sustainable projects that benefit the wider community and build a better future for Britain.