Stonbury Obtains Reed Bed Framework with Thames Water

Stonbury is pleased to have secured a place on Lot 1 of the framework agreement for the design, installation, maintenance, and refurbishment of reed beds for an initial period of three years with an option to extend until 2029.

This framework will include both the design and construction of new reed bed installations across the Thames Water area to help support the tertiary wastewater treatment process.

“Stonbury is thrilled to have been awarded a place on the framework and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with Thames Water on their new reed bed installations."

Iain Weir, Sales and Marketing Director

Reed beds are an important part of the treatment process that provide the removal of suspended and dissolved matter from secondary effluent flows.

Although the construction of reedbeds generally follow a standard design, there are several variations in the design process which reflect the application on how reedbeds are used.

“We are pleased to be able to expand on the services we can offer Thames Water, enhancing our existing relationships as well as making new connections through the new framework."

Jason Baldock, Regional Framework Delivery Manager

Stonbury looks forward to expanding on its reedbed services, offering clients lower-cost green solutions, whilst making a positive impact on carbon reduction within the wastewater sector.