Delivering Outstanding Value Through Industry-Leading Practice

As specialist water industry contractors with over 30 years’ experience, Stonbury is trusted to deliver the highest value outcomes through best practices in quality and sustainability.

The water and wastewater industry plays a critical role in protecting public health, and reliable assets are essential to supply clean, safe drinking water and effective wastewater treatment. Stonbury is proud to deliver industry-leading solutions for the water sector that offer exceptional value in low-carbon and cost-effective water asset management.

Leading in quality 

As the UK’s largest installer of Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Regulation 31-approved products, Stonbury is an established provider of potable water infrastructure solutions and is proud to share practical knowledge and decades of experience to help develop new products, processes, and innovative strategies to deliver safe and reliable outcomes.

Stonbury’s confidence in delivering right-first-time solutions is founded upon rigorous adherence to accredited quality standards and in-house processes. These include a shared ‘Stonbury Encyclopaedia’, and regular site audits from the Safety, Health, Environment and Wellbeing (SHEW) department, which provides dedicated training and support to ensure high levels of competency.

Praised by the DWI for setting the benchmark for the water industry, Stonbury’s comprehensive Quality Inspection & Testing Plan System (QITPS) ensures strict compliance to Instructions for Use (IFUs) for all materials used. These stringent testing, monitoring and recording protocols demonstrate exceptional attention to detail and provide assurance on the safety and longevity of every asset solution.

Stonbury is also proud to have worked with prominent water industry consultants and UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) to produce the influential publication Treated Water Storage Assets Overview of Good Practice and is pleased to implement the same conscientious standards across all service offerings within the potable water, wastewater and environmental sectors.

Leading in sustainability 

Stonbury is committed to becoming a leading low-carbon solutions provider to support the water industry in its journey towards Net Zero Carbon 2030, taking positive action across both its business operations and service offerings to drive CO2 reduction across all levels of the carbon curve. 

Extending the life of assets is crucial to increase sustainability within the potable and wastewater industry. As recognised experts in refurbishment, delivering more than 150 programmes each year, Stonbury’s techniques provide maximum sustained effect from minimal intervention and offer significant reductions in both carbon and cost over an asset’s lifespan. 

Within all schemes, consideration is given to the contribution of CO2 emissions for all chosen products and processes. Using products including low-C concrete and renewable fuels to control environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity, Stonbury is able to deliver maximum sustainability within builds. 

As a key framework contractor with the Environment Agency, Stonbury operates at the forefront of industry best-practice approaches that value the environment and embrace innovation to protect natural capital. Playing an influential role in the deployment of minimum technical standards allows Stonbury to share the latest concepts with the wider water industry and water environment sector.

Led by core values

Stonbury understands that delivering the highest quality in sustainable, low-carbon water infrastructure solutions is impossible without a robust vision and a passionate workforce, and therefore surrounds its purpose with decision-guiding values and a clear goal to become the top contractor and employer in the water sector.

Recognition as an Inspiring Workplace in this year’s Inspiring Workplaces Awards is a testament to Stonbury’s commitment to its goal. In a culture that encompasses core values of passion, respect, integrity, quality and innovation, Stonbury’s teams remain fully aligned to deliver outstanding value for clients, service users and the environment.

“At Stonbury, we are dedicated to providing unrivalled quality and will strive to continue to deliver sustainable solutions that offer the very best value for clients, people and planet.”

Iain Weir, Director of Sales and Marketing