A thriving workplace delivering exceptional results

As Stonbury continues to grow, it explores the opportunities that empower its people to go above and beyond to deliver an unrivalled service within its specialist areas.

Stonbury has grown rapidly in the past year, doubling its order book and beginning multiple new contracts across the UK in the water, wastewater, environment and sustainable energy sectors. This expansion has allowed Stonbury to offer employees the opportunity to broaden their skills and take an active role in driving industry-leading standards in sustainability, quality and welfare.

Caring for the environment

Stonbury is committed to being the number one sustainability specialist within its chosen markets. The company strives to provide low-carbon and green engineering solutions, minimise environmental damage and increase biodiversity through the projects it delivers, whilst maintaining profitability and growth. This commitment provides security for its clients, the planet and its people.

To enable a sustainability culture to flourish throughout the organisation, earlier this year Stonbury created a cross-departmental sustainability team of passionate volunteers from both the delivery and the commercial sides of the business. The opportunity allows its people to contribute unique insights and perspectives to help steer the company in a direction they feel proud to represent.

“I’m proud to be a Sustainability Champion for Stonbury, working within a team of people from all across the business who share a common goal to help secure the future of our people and our planet. It’s great to know my work contributes towards a more sustainable world”.

Kimberley Dodge, Group Bid Manager

In addition to its recent initiatives, Stonbury is an established framework contractor for the Environment Agency. This long-standing relationship ensures Stonbury’s people are among the first to adopt innovative processes and best-practice approaches that value and protect the natural environment and enables them to share this knowledge within the wider water industry.

Delivering quality outcomes safely

The designated Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Environment and Quality (SHWEQ) team operates to ensure the values in its name are embedded firmly into Stonbury’s culture. SHWEQ leaders work closely with delivery teams to ensure every member is equipped to maintain their own safety and provide assurance to clients on the safety of their assets.

As well as health and safety instruction, regular quality training is an important part of Stonbury’s strategy to maintain its role as a leading water industry contractor. In addition to sessions delivered on-site, Stonbury supplies online resources accessible for diverse learning styles, and encourages teams to share innovative methods and techniques through its internal communication platform.

Stonbury understands that achieving exceptional results is impossible without a passionate workforce, so undertakes quarterly engagement surveys to enable everyone to have their say on how things are done. The results have been used to inform changes that foster a content, conscientious workforce and an accident frequency rate that is currently at an all-time low.

Providing opportunities for all

Stonbury drives a positive, passionate, enabling culture and is proud to be represented by a workforce that values diversity and upholds inclusivity. To Stonbury, the diverse perspectives from its employees are a strong asset which contribute to the effectiveness of the business and enable the company to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Working hard to accommodate flexible working to encourage a healthy work-life balance, Stonbury puts employee wellbeing at the top of its agenda. It is one of the first companies in the UK to issue a separate Psychosocial Wellbeing Policy, designed to enable staff to thrive in a supportive environment and achieve results for their clients and within their own careers.

As the company continues to grow and obtain new contracts and frameworks, Stonbury is pleased to provide its people with opportunities for training and development, UK-wide travel, and experience working on a wide variety of structures in an environment where employees can add their own input to complex and innovative projects.

Surrounding its purpose with strong ethical values and a clear goal to become the top contractor and employer in the water sector, Stonbury looks forward to the challenges ahead as the company continues to expand its workforce and recruits for the wide range of opportunities available.

If you would like to find out more about joining Stonbury, please visit www.stonbury.com/careers