Max's Story

"Hi, I am Max Ely, and I am a Site Operative at Stonbury.

I started working for Stonbury as a Trainee Operative at the age of 16. I had the opportunity to assist on different sites across the Midlands, which was a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand the diverse work carried out by Stonbury."

How did you feel entering the industry at such a young age? 

A little apprehensive but excited to learn all about the industry and how everything works. Stonbury delivers specialist services, so I’ve often found myself asking a lot of questions about the work and products that we use. Initially, I found the materials challenging as there are a lot of different products that have very specific rules for use, which made it even more important for me to learn. However, the people I work with on-site made me feel welcome and were helpful, teaching me some great tips and tricks.

What qualifications have you gained since starting as a trainee operative?

Stonbury have given me the opportunity to complete several qualifications, including CSCS Health & Safety card, Trained Operator for Forward Tipping, Swivel Skip Dumper, Excavator use (up to 10 tonne) and First Aid. These qualifications, along with my work experience have allowed me to become a full time operative at Stonbury – a role I am thoroughly enjoying.

What are your long-term aspirations?

I am really enjoying my current role and don’t see any significant changes in the short term. For now, I would just like to continue learning and improving the work I am currently doing and I am eager to complete more training when the opportunity arises. I am grateful to Stonbury for the opportunities they have given me and am excited about what the future may hold.