Top Scores for Stonbury

Stonbury has recently completed the annual Achilles B2 Verification audit The Achilles audit is aligned with pre-qualification questionnaires to enhance validation in key supply chain risk areas. Stonbury's policies and management systems were reviewed and audited for consistent adherence.  The Achilles audit reviewed our Company Management Systems against several areas, including: Quality, Environmental, Health, Sustainability, CSR, Safety and Carbon Management.  Stonbury are pleased to announce that following a rigorous two-day audit, we very proudly achieved 100% scores across site and office workplaces for Health & Safety, Environmental Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility. This places Stonbury among the very best of suppliers within the Achilles verification process.  

Our 10 Commandments

We are pleased to announce the rollout of one of our latest initiatives, the Stonbury 10 Commandments. At Stonbury, we understand greatly how all our staff, from management to site operatives can make a real difference to the way we carry out our daily business on the quest for continuous improvement. Our 10 Commandments effectively communicates our best practice on how we operate, to best fulfil our roles and provide our best service possible. We will be holding a number of workshops, to better understand the 10 Commandments and identify how operatives can integrate these effectively into their daily activities on site.   Earlier in June, the Stonbury management team successfully completed a one day seminar, the aim of which was to promote better understanding of Stonbury’s core values, brand and culture, all based around our 10 Commandments. The seminar proved both important and valuable. As a result of recent growth, Stonbury has welcomed several new team members, and as such, the seminar was the perfect opportunity to introduce our core values to our new members and also refresh the memories of our long-serving employees. We hope that over the coming months our clients will notice a positive, tangible difference in attitude and performance from Stonbury. As always, we welcome any feedback, if you have noted any changes please let us know here. All of our offices and units proudly display our 10 Commandments, take a look the next time you're around!

UKWIR Research Project Workshop

UKWIR: Developing best practice guidance for Service Reservoirs and Water Towers Earlier this month Stonbury were pleased to assist Mott MacDonald Consulting Engineers at the first UKWIR workshop into ‘Best practice guidance for Service Reservoirs and Water Towers’. The project aims to identify the best practices associated with the design, installation and operational stages of the two water assets. Ultimately, developing an Assessment Management Toolkit, for guidance  to enhance the life and performance of the water asset.  The workshop held on the 5th July, gathered numerous water companies, leading industry consultants and suppliers to discuss the strategies for better risk management of service reservoirs and water towers. Participants were able to learn about UK and International best practice, shape the emphasis of the research project and validate the current outputs of the research to date.  With over 30 years experience working with water assets, Stonbury presented the main issues encountered from our experience and the range of solutions we have employed over these years. The outcome of this research is to provide a best practice guidance for the operating and maintenance of existing assets, but should also serve as a decision support tool for total expenditure planning (TOTEX). It is anticipated the research will advise water companies’ 25 year strategic planning, potentially offering solutions for problems which could be encountered in PR19.

Sponsoring the Yorkshire Water Kelda Sportive

Cycle enthusiasts took part in riding 50 & 80 mile cicular routes from Grimwith Reservoir to raise money for WaterAid.   Read the full article here!

Going with the AMP flow

Being a water sector specialist, Stonbury know the AMP cycles inside out and have found ways to reduce the negative impacts. Read the full article here!

Winners of the International Safety Award

We are super proud winners of a very impressive 8th consecutive International Safety Award, demonstrating our company commitment to Health & Safety.